TSS Presents Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode II: Mission To Mars

Episode I: Voyage To Venusに続くSA-RA ポッドキャスト3部作のエピソード2

Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Episode II: Mission To Mars:

“Dem Boys”
“Hood Life” (Strong Arm Steady)
“Twelve” (Jurassic 5)
“Negative Ion” Sa-Ra remix (DJ Mitsu)
“Great Man” (Chima Anya)
“Sweet and Polite” (Lady Bug Mecca of Digable Planets)
“Odd Is C”
“Original Gangster” (Ice-T)
“Touchtone” (Daedelus Feat. Taz and PaperBoy)
“We Go Ridin’” (Dizz1 Feat. Om’Mas)
Texas Two Step” (Kay of The Foundation)
“I’m Goin’ With You” (Debruit Feat. Om’Mas and Jamie Woon)”
“Enter Sex Slop”
“Too Cold” (Sa-Ra Remix) (Roots Manuva)
“Thrilla” (Feat. Jay Dilla)
“All American” (Supreeme Feat. Taz)
“Burn A Bridge” (Consequence)
“Talk Sex”
“Solidify” (Subeena Feat. Om’Mas and Jamie Woon)
“2CB Trip”
“3 Drink Minimum” (Tiron Feat. Ayomari)
“Last Night” (Sa-Ra Remix) (Kevin Mark Trail)
“Second Time Around”
“Return of Snow Onya”
“Riderz” (Raw Breed Feat. Shafiq)
“Back Up On The Track” (Feat. Major)
“Agitation” (Erykah Badu)
“Levels” (Bilal)
“Phills So Good”
“Everything’s Lovely” (Raw Breed Feat. Shafiq)
“B.L.O.W.” (Rick Ross Feat. Om’Mas and Pusha T)
“Tracy” (Rozzi Daime)
“White! On The Floor”
“It’s Coming Down” (Shafiq Remix) (Exile)
“Big Fame” (Feat. Iggy Pop)
“Agent Orange” (Pharoahe Monch)
“Turn It Up” (Krumbsnatcha Feat. Kanye)
“Superstar” (Marc Live)
“Check The Flow” (King Tee Feat. Shafiq)
“All Dead”
“Wake Up” (Aqeel Feat. Shafiq)
“Lost and Found” (Feat. Jimetta Rose)
“Fallin’” (Rocka Boy)
“Twinkle Interlude”
“The Tenth Jewel” (Dwight Trible)
“Fly Away” Feat. Erykah Badu)




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