BentheAce World Famous 02-27-09 @ Shibuya FM


BentheAce World Famous 02-27-09

track list :

1. Bambaataa´s Theme (Assault On Precinct 13)_Afrika Bambaataa & Family

2. Apache (Grandmaster Flash Rock Steady Mix)_Incredible Bongo Band

3. Raw (Remix)_Big Daddy Kane

4. Set It Off_Big Daddy Kane

5. Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling) _LL Cool J

6. Done By The Forces Of Nature_Jungle Brothers

7. Good Newz Comin’_Jungle Brothers

8. The Mack Daddy On The Left_ De La Soul

9. Long Island Wildin’ feat.Kan Takagi and Scha Dara Parr_De La Soul

10. Breakadawn_De La Soul

11. Around The Way Girl _LL Cool J

12. Put Your Weight On It_Big Daddy Kane

13. Music Man_Masta Ace

14. Back To Reality _Intelligent Hoodrum

15. Wake Up (Reprise In The Sunshine) _Brand Nubian

16. Play Dis_Saukrates Feat. Common

17. Find A Way (Instrumental)_A Tribe Called Quest

18. Steppin’ It Up F/ Busta Rhymes & Redman_A Tribe Called Quest

19. Youthful 2009 (Q-Tip Tribute)_J.Period f. Talib Kweli, Questlove & Randy Watson

20. My Favorite Song (Explicit)_Talib Kweli

21. Topless (Reference) f. T.I. & Nas _Dr. Dre

22. Internet Connection feat. Bootsy Collins_Reflection Eternal

23. Equipoise (Sa-Ra Remix)_Dwight Trible

24. Daylight_Ramp


Cover Art B.A.P.P.

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