B.A.P. mix November 08


Track List :

1.    After Hours        A Tribe Called Quest
2.    Footprints        A Tribe Called Quest
3.    Luck of Lucien        A Tribe Called Quest
4.    Buggin’ Out        A Tribe Called Quest
5.    Check The Rhyme        A Tribe Called Quest
6.    Oh My God        A Tribe Called Quest F. Busta
7.    Electric Relaxation        A Tribe Called Quest
8.    Lyrics to Go        A Tribe Called Quest
9.    Who Got The Props        Black Moon
10.    Party And Bullshit remix        The Notorious B.I.G.
11.    It Ain’t Hard To Tell        NaS
12.    Shook Ones Pt. II        Mobb Deep
13.    Shimmy Shimmy Ya        Ol’ Dirty Bastard
14.    Blue Funk        Heavy D & The Boyz
15.    Mecca & The Soul Brother        Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
16.    Feel The Vibe        Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics
17.    3 MCs (feat. Q-Tip)        Da Bush Babees
18.    Chemistry (Inst)        Aboriginals
19.    We Run Things (It’s Like That) aibum        Da Bush Babees


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