B.A.P. Mix July


1. Intro -BAP
2. Nigger Hatred -Nas
3. You Can’t Stop Us Now (Feat. Eban Thomas) -Nas
4. Breathe -Nas
5. Were Not Alone -Nas
6. Sly Fox -Nas
7. Queens Get The Money -Nas
8. Fried Chicken (Featuring Busta Rhymes) -Nas
9. Secret feat.Raekwon & Charlie Rock -AZ
10. U Me Him Her Lupe Fiasco
11. Gotta Pose -Kanye West
12. Fast Life -The Clipse
13. The Healer/Hip Hop (rmx) f. Pharoahe Monch -Erykah Badu
14. Modern Day Slavery feat. Immortal Technique -Joel Ortiz
15. Almost Lost -Kidz In The Hall
16. The Stalker Song (Never Lettin’ Go) -Kanye West
17. Teenage Love Affair (Remix) feat. LL Cool J -Alicia Keys
18. Woo-Hah!! (The Jay-Dee Other Shit Remix) feat. Rampage The Last Boy Scout -Busta Rhymes
19. YOU DONT WANT NONE -Busta Rhymes
20. Pusha Man (Remix) feat. Kanye West, Keyshia Cole & Rhymefest -Bump J
21. A Billie -Jay-Z




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