BAP mix mmmmmmmmmMay 08

Tracklist :

1. The Article/The Program
2. Perfect Timing f. Skyzoo /CL Smooth
3. Mecca And The Ox /Vast Aire f/Vordul Mega
4. Lyrically Inclined/Skyzoo f/Illmind
5. What Up My Wigga Wigger/Nyoil
6. Be A Nigger Too /Nas
8. War is Necessary/Nas
9. Broken Heart /Pharoahe Monch
10. Soul Glo clean/Akrobatik
11. Footwork (Madlib Remix)/Guilty Simpson
12. the show (featuring common) /The Roots
13. The Grand Return (Feat. Dice Raw & Wahud Ahmad)/The Roots
14. Sick/Skillz
15. Jay-Z Lebron Freestyle/Jay-Z
16. Drivin’ Down The Block (Remix)/Kidz In The Hall Ft. Pusha T, Bun B & The Cool Kids
17. I’m Toe Up (Remix) /Problem feat. Felli Fel, DJ Quik, Kurupt, Terrace Martin & Snoop Dogg
18. Game’s Pain/Game ft. Keyshia Cole
19. Supreme Alphabet /Positive K
20. Dirty New Yorker/Mobb Depp feat. Havoc & Prodigy from H.N.I.C. part2 Sessions
21. ParisTokyo Remix CLEAN/LupeFiasco and CLSmooth
22. Kinda Live/Guilty Simpson



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