We remember J Dilla / B.A.P.


We remember J Dilla / B.A.P.

1. Dilla Is The G.O.A.T. DJ Spinna
2. Mick Boogie/Busta Rhymes : DILLAGENCE
3. Busta(Prod. By J Dilla) Waajeed
4. Y? (Be Like That) The Pharcyde
5. Find A Way A Tribe Called Quest
7. Fantasy feat. Pacific Division J Dilla
8. E=mc2 (Featuring Common) J Dilla
9. Think Twice Jay Dee
10. B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) Jay Dee
11. Dreamy Jay Dee
12. Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix) D’Angelo
13. Doo Doo Jay Dee
14. Antiquity Dwight Trible
15. You Can’t Hold A Torch (Feat. Q-Tip & Chauncey Black) Busta Rhymes
16. Players Slum Village
17. Tron Waajeed
18. Get Dis Money Slum Village
19. So Hardcore Busta Rhymes
20. Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World) Common Sense
21. Circus Jay Dee
22. The Look of Love Pt 1 J-88
23. GoodBye J Dilla




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