BentheAce MixTape Vol.5 “LOVE UNLIMITED” (2001)


Track List:::
Voo Sobre O Horizonte / Azymuth
It’s You / Inner Life With Jocelyn Brown
More To Love / T.S.Monk
Won’t You Let Me Love You / Bernard Wright
Let Me Down Easy / Isley Brothers
You Are My Sunshine / Mtume
Moments In Love / Art Of Noise
Who Can I Run To / Jones Girls
I Feel Like Loving You Today / Donald Byrd & 125Th St.Band
Capricorn / George Duke
The Third Eye / Roy Ayers
Weekend Girls / Sos Band
Footsteps In The Dark / Isley Brothers
How To Love Again / Oran Juice Jones With Alyson Williams
Love Ballad / L.T.D.
Computer Love(Remix) / Zapp
Crazy You / Prince
Two Of Us / Cameo
Turn On Some Music / Marvin Gaye
Closer Than Friends(Jazz Version) / Surface
My Love Is Waiting / Marvin Gaye
Day Dreaming / Aretha Franklin


BentheAce MixTape Vol.5 “LOVE UNLIMITED” (2001)” への4件のフィードバック

  1. yo..i really would love to download this mixtape but unfortunately it says link is not available anymore. would appreciate if you guys could hook me up with this love Truyen

  2. ok..too bad..coz there is one song ( thelonious monk- more to love) which I’m searching desperately for since years. Just can’t manage to get it anywhere….any chance u could send me to my mail??? PLS would very appreciate it…


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