BentheAce/W.F. Nov.24 ’06 at Shibuya FM

BentheAce/W.F. Nov.24 ’06 at Shibuya FM

1.Boss’ Life /Snoop Dogg Feat. Akon
2.Imagine /Snoop Dogg Feat. Dr. Dre & D’Angelo
3.30 Something (Produced By Dr. Dre)/Jay-Z
4.Lost Ones (Feat. Chrissette Michelle) (Produced By Dr. Dre)/Jay-Z
5.Kingdom Done /Jim Jones feat. Dame Dash
6.Brooklyn High (Dirty)/Jay Z
7.We Fly High (Beef Mix) (Dirty)/Jim Jones feat. Juelz Santana
8.Ride Around Shining/Clipse feat.AB-Liva of There-up Gang
9.The N / NaS
10.Hip Hop Is Dead /Nas
11.GHOST IS BACK/Ghosface Killah
12.Show ‘Em Whatcha Got/Public Enemy
13.Don’t Stop/ Kidz In The Hall
14.Tropical/African Music Machine
15.Cruise Control/ Kidz In The Hall
16.I Have A Dream/ Common
17.New York Shit (Remix Edit)/Busta Rhymes Feat. Nas, Papoose, M.O.P. & Labba
18.The Message (Demo Session)/ Lord Finesse feat. Crystal Johnson & Rell
19.Alone/Stephen Simmons feat. Big L & Marquee
20.disk 3 Hidden track/ The Art Of Noise
21.Why You Hate The Game (Produced By Just Blaze)/The Game feat. Nas

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