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Kingdom Done/ Jim Jones feat. Dame Dash (from Big Mike-This Is Why I’m Hot Pt. 5 )

Brooklyn High/Jay-Z
Brooklyn High (Myspace Live at 40/40 Club Nov.15)/Jay-Z

Brooklyn High

You a lil’ punk ass buck..(laughs)
That’s it *****?…That’s “Ballin'”?…(laughs)…Aiight
I guess men lie, women lie, numbers don’t…It’s over for that “Ballin”
It’s my turn now…BROOKLYN!!!!!
Let the games begin!
Its my turn now!
We fly high,(Uh Huh) No Lie ,You know this (BROOKLYN!)
Foreign rides, outside, its like showbiz (Its My turn!)

We stay fly, No Lie (Ya playin pitty pat with a chess playa!),You know this (BROOKLYN!)
Hips and Thighs,(Laughs) Oh my, Stay focus

(Verse 1)
Brooklyn get paper, tote big thangs
We chase *****s around, they own ball game (Rucker)
Ball game *****! Its over for you lames
Give me back the chain, its over for you DAMEs
**** ya’ll broads.. didn’t they ever tell you don’t **** wit’ a mans family?
**** wit ya’lls? You’ll kidnap mines?…
***** I will click-clack…
Push ya wig back, further than Tyra Banks hairline
Ya bank vs. mines.. if you ballin’..
***** what I’m doing CAN’T be defined…
The Jones’ can’t keep up..
Maybe my ***** Nas…
But I got stronger after Ether…

(Verse 2)
BedStuy…. Brownsville.. C.I.
The best in the game, since Daddy Kane.. and B.I.
My turn.. we live
Money to burn *****.. we on fire
G5’er.. Ace of Spade…
Make it real easy.. to book ya babe
I’m runnin’ to Boston on these *****s
I’m watchin’ ya soundscan you keep reniggin’…
I’m trunk-tight, I’m Trump like
I’m on my way to a billi’.. I play my cards.. NICE!
*****s like Hov’, you sound too rich..
I’m like “Oh, ain’t that about a *****”
Ain’t that what we here for?
Therefore I sound like I’m supposed to sound…
Meet me at the clearport…
I’m ballin’ fa’real.. YOU pump fakin’ it!
Manahattan keep on makin’ it..
Brooklyn keep on takin’ it…

Yeahh! Shoutout to all my real *****s in Harlem…145th & all that…
All the Dominicans, OG Juan, Lower Eastside True Life…
This ain’t about boroughs, this is about *****s & *****es…
It’s gametime…(Laughs)

It’s my turn….Let the games begin…




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