8/25/2006 Ben the Ace /World Famous-Shibuya FM

1. DJ Premier’s in deep concentration /The Gangstarr
2. I know you got soul 92(The Rio meltdown remix) /Eric B & Rakim
3. Words I manifest(special remix) /Gangstarr
4. Intro (Back To Basics) /Christina Aguilera
5. Aint No Other Man feat. Ludacris /Christina Aguilera
6. Hippy, Skippy, Moon Street /The Moon People
7. Back In The Day feat. Termanology /Christina Aguilera
8. Wrath Of Kane-Live /Big Daddy Kane
9. Ophidiophobia /Cee-Lo
10. All Night (Clean) /Damian Marley
11. Its Goin Down (NRC Reggae Dub) /Yung Joc
12. Blindfold Me featuring Nas /Kelis
13. In Your Dreams /Big Boi Feat. Killer Mike & Janelle Mon?
14. Peaches /Big Boi Feat. Sleepy Brown & Scar
15. E=MC? (featuring Common) /J Dilla
16. Want U 2 /MARVIN vs WJK
17. Love (featuring Pharoahe Monch) /J Dilla
18. B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) /Jay Dee
19. So Far So Good (featuring Common & D’Angelo) /J Dilla

CLICK HERE to download 8/25/06 W.F.BentheAce mp3



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