5/26/06 Shibuya FM "World Famous" DJ BEN THE ACE

Shibuya FM “World Famous” Spellbound by DJ BEN THE ACE
5/26/2006 1:00-2:00pm

Listen HERE (download 5/26/06 W.F.BentheAce mp3)

Track List:

Beyond Forever / Eddie Henderson
Come Here My Dear / Dudley Perkins
Love You Can’t Borrow / M-1 feat. Q-Tip
That’s Sexy / Q-Tip feat. Andre 3000
Margarita / Sleepy Brown feat. Big Boi
The Mighty O / Outcast
Make Sure / Lupe Fiasco
Slap Boxing(freestyle) / Gravy feat. Styles P.
I Went For Mine / Diamond D
New York Shit / Jean Grea & Talib Kweli
Level 7 / Nashaun feat. Nas
Number 1 / Pharrell feat. Kanye West
Grammy Family / Kanye West feat. Consequence & John Legend
Why You Wanna (Remix) / T.I. feat.Trey Songs
Pulling Me Back / Chingy feat.Tyreese
Don’t Feel Right / Roots
Love / Lawless Element feat. J Dilla
Miss January / the Procussions feat.Talib Kweli
Flowers / Dudley Perkins
if You Want Me Stay / Sly & The Family Stone

Monthly (Every Last Friday) 1:00-2:00pm “World Famous”



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